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We’re often asked, “What does it take to make a Tilley hat?”

Most folks already know they’re handmade. But it takes more than one pair of hands to usher a legendary Tilley hat into the world. In all, it takes 23 pairs of hands. 23 highly trained, skilled and caring craftspeople to follow a process first conceived by sailor Alex Tilley in 1980 and then thoughtfully and continually refined over the following decades.

In all, those 46 hands follow 41 steps, a precise and practised process that begins with cutting cotton and foam canvas and ends with steaming and packing the flawless final product. In between, we’re busy joining, binding, lining, stitching and adding those essential signature details that distinguish a Tilley hat from all others.

Guaranteed for life, an iconic Tilley hat fits low and loose, floats, hides a secret pocket and blocks 98% of the sun's harmful rays. Proudly made in Canada and designed to endure whatever the world can throw at it, a Tilley hat is more, though, than simply a lightweight, practical, durable, reliable, stylish travel essential. It’s history on your head.

From materials built to withstand the test of time to technologies that enhance your outdoor experience, our products are crafted to the highest standards. At Tilley, we take pride in what goes into our outdoor wear.

SUPPLEX NYLON - Tilley’s Airflo® collection is fabricated from a 100% Supplex Nylon face that is affixed to a Polyurethane (PU) Membrane. The face of the fabric is treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) finish making our Supplex Nylon fabric hydrophobic, allowing water to bead off easily. The PU membrane is wind and waterproof, creating an extremely hardworking textile to keep you protected during all sorts of weather conditions.

COTTON DUCK - A classic and durable fabric that is part of Tilley's heritage. Naturally water resistant, our Cotton Duck fabric naturally fades with age, giving it a unique look for every hat owner.

HEMP - Hemp's tensile strength is eight times that of cotton fibre which accounts for its historical use in sails and rope. It is an exceptionally durable and strong eco friendly fabric.

ORGANIC COTTON - Coming from certified farms and facilities, our Organic Cotton hats and apparel start with sustainable, eco-friendly practices to deliver a fabric that naturally breathes, dries fast, and keeps you cool and comfortable on all your adventures.

WAXED COTTON - Our iconic cotton is treated with an eco-friendly, water repellent finish that will change colour over time, offering a unique, aged look.

WOOL FELT - A non-woven fabric, wool felt is incredibly soft, yet strong and durable against winter conditions. Wool felt also has great insulating features, keeping the heat in and cold out when temperatures drop.

RAFFIA - Made from the finest quality Madagascar fibre. Raffia is known for its rich colouring, flexibility and durability.

TOYO PAPER - Made from premium Toyo straw sourced from Japan. Toyo is derived from rice paper yarns and is known for its smooth texture, light weight and durability.

LIGHTWEIGHT 95/5 NYLON/SPANDEX -Not only is our lightweight nylon/spandex UPF 50+ certified and has a durable, water repellent to keep you protected in sun or rain – it is also breathable! The weave of the fabric allows air to pass in and out of the hat keeping the wearer cool and comfortable.

MASHUP COTTON - A recycled mash up of Organic Cotton, Polyester and Rayon yarns creating a unique lightweight fabric.

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