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Mugiro Sports is a sports company, based in Barcelona, created by sports lovers who have spent years searching for a way to protect skin from the chafing and sores that come about from sporting activities.

‘Our experience in companies in the chemical and dermatological sector, together with a passion for endurance sports, has allowed us to develop 4 unique products that will give us the ability to forget any pain or discomfort so we can concentrate on what really matters: enjoying sports.

How many marathon runners arrive at the finish line with chafed and even bleeding nipples?

This is what happened in 2009 to Eduardo, one of Mugiro’s founding partners, in his first marathon. At first he looked around and tried several solutions available on the market, but none of them guaranteed avoiding the problem over long distance. So he decided, together with a few others, to develop a nipple protector with real guarantees for athletes.

The nipple protector was the basis of the Mugiro project. And later two new protectors were incorporated: one for the neck for open water swimmers and a heart rate monitor for cyclists and runners. And Mugiro’s work continues! After the process of creating and optimising prototypes, we can now share three highly reliable protectors that offer guarantees for the skin for both amateur and professional athletes.’



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