Orca have created a handy reference guide to help you chose the right wetsuit. They have studied swimmers for years and identified patterns of behaviour that distinguish 3 types of swimmers: The Natural Swimmer, The Progressive Swimmer and the Total Swimmer. The below information should help you identify which swimmer style best applies to you and recommends a choice of wetsuit according to your style.


You come from a swimming background or have managed to perfect your technique, with no important errors. You maintain a correct position in the water, horizontal, elevated and hydrodynamic. You are looking for maximum flexibility that lets you develop your skill, without changing your technique. You’re a Natural Swimmer.

What you’re looking for is:

ABSOLUTEFREEDOM- Minimal restriction on your stroke, providing complete freedom of movement.

A SECOND SKIN- Maximum flexibility that doesn’t compromise your technique and delays the appearance of fatigue.

JUST ENOUGH FLOTABILITY-The flotability necessary to ensure thermal insulation, without it altering your position in the water.

For Natural Swimmers, Orca recommends either the Alpha or The Equip Wetsuit.


Your technique is good. Your stroke and position are okay, but you sometimes make small mistakes related to your kicking technique. You’re looking for a wetsuit that meets your needs: maximum freedom in the upper body and extra flotability that helps you achieve a more effective and hydrodynamic horizontal position.


THE COMPLETE SOLUTION - A wetsuit that adapts technology and design, according to the swimmer's needs: flexibility and flotability, where you most need it.

TOTAL MOVEMENT - Maximum flexibility in the upper body that will not limit your movements or your technique

A LITTLE HELP - Extra flotability in the lower body will enable you to maintain a horizontal posture, even when you’re tired.

Orca recommends either the Predator of the Sonar Wetsuits for the Total Swimmer.


You’ve just recently got started in swimming and you still don’t feel completely comfortable in the water. You’re looking for a wetsuit that helps correct your position, because when your technique is less-than-polished, flotability becomes the most determining factor.


A STABLE POSITION - Flotability and extra reinforcement to improve your body position and technique.

SECURITY AT SEA - Maximum flotability that gives you confidence in open water, even when you’re tired.

IMPROVE YOUR TECHNIQUE - All the technologies that correct your weak points.

Orca recommends either the 3.8 or the S7 wetsuit for Progressive Swimmers.

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