Zeus Classic Mielo 8'6" EVA Softboard
Zeus Classic Mielo 8'6" EVA Softboard

Zeus Classic Mielo 8'6" EVA Softboard

VAT included

The most experienced surfers will also have fun on this longboard.


The Zeus Mielo is recommended for the larger beginner surfer, over 85kg,  who wants to progress quickly.  This evolutionary and stable board will accompany you in your first take off and will allow you to take your first turns, all in calm and safety. The most experienced surfers will also have fun on this longboard with thin rails and a progressive shape perfectly compatible with the practice of noseriding.

This surfboard has a hybrid construction that is much stiffer than most foam surfboards on the market. This increases handling. The progressive shape of the board allows for a very fluid glide and ultra-fast progression. 2 marine wood stringers bring stability and robustness to the board.

Dimensions:  8'6" X 24 X 2 3/4" – 67.9L Volume

Price Includes: Board, Fins and Leash.


The Boards in the Classic range combine an EPS foam core with 2 seawood stringers, an epoxy/glass fiber lamination, an HDPE slick on the bottom, and a foam blade at deck level. The result is an incredibly sturdy board.

Thanks to their rigid construction, the surfboards of the Classic range have a good glide and allow a rapid progression thanks to their scalable shapes refined and improved for more than three years.

For each model in the Classic range, there are two versions:

The soft version: The boards of the soft version are made with a foam called IXPE (standard foam), on which it is better to apply wax before each use, and are provided with soft fins (soft plastic) very safe.

The hybrid version: The boards of the hybrid version are made with a foam called EVA (hybrid foam or "croco"), which has the advantage of being non-slip, so wax is not necessary because you will not slip. In addition, unlike the soft version, the fins provided are rigid fins, FCS type. The fin boxes on these models are FCS 1 and FCS 2 compatible. This version allows for a higher level of performance.

The shapes are absolutely identical, regardless of the version chosen.

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