We've been supplying Ireland's surfing enthusiasts from our surf shop in Clonakilty, West Cork since 2003, and we are now ready and waiting to serve you online, too.

The first wave

I took up surfing on a very cold, wild, blustery, blown out January afternoon quite a few years ago, in a wetsuit at least two sizes too big, and a borrowed board that probably wasn’t appropriate for my first attempt in the swell. The other surfers in the water were great, giving me encouragement as I swallowed buckets of water, got battered and bruised, and wiped out a lot. But I was hooked, and my grá for all things ‘ocean’ has only deepened. I believe that once you have a passion for the sea, it’s impossible to let that go.

Duke Kahanamoku (1920)
Duke Kahanamoku

But when I would look for surf gear like wetsuits and surfboards, it was hard to get much advice or local access to the right gear. My surf buddies would complain that they couldn’t even get a bar of surf wax on the way to the beach. My Dad (a very wise man) had given me career advice once by saying ‘if you want to enjoy going to work, find a hobby and make a job out of it.’

And so Jelly Fish Surf Shop was born.

Based in West Cork’s beach capital, Clonakilty, we have been helping surfers get in the water—and to stay in as long as possible—for a decade since.

Ellen joined the Jelly Fish team in February 2008, with a degree in outdoor education. As an instructor in a lot of water disciplines, she is as passionate about all things outdoors and the sea as anyone can be. Between the two of us, we are always about to answer questions on any of our products. Now that we are online, we would very much like to ensure that all our customers are as happy with their shopping experience.

Purveyors of all things surf

We have packed our online catalogue full of facts and figures on the products we offer, a library of expert tips from our staff on making the best selections and fit, and lots of photos to show you everything in detail that we have to offer. We are always on the lookout for new and better products and advice that we offer our customers. If you can’t find something in our online shop, we may just have it in our Clonakilty surf shop or we can source it from our suppliers. In any event, please contact us. We would love to help.

Happy Surfing!

Nollaig and Ellen, Jelly Fish Surf Shop

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