Orca Ladies S7 Wetsuit 2020
Orca Ladies S7 Wetsuit 2020
Orca Ladies S7 Wetsuit 2020
Orca Ladies S7 Wetsuit 2020
Orca Ladies S7 Wetsuit 2020
Orca Ladies S7 Wetsuit 2020

Orca Ladies S7 Wetsuit

VAT included

Designed to elevate your body in the water without compromising flexibility.



The S7 is a swimming wetsuit aimed at the Progressive swimmer, someone who needs a little bit of additional buoyancy to create a streamlined swimmer. It's clever design helps to raise your body in the water by using a 5mm panel in the hips and top of the legs that will always keep you at the surface. The 3mm multi stretch chest panel helps to avoid body roll while maintaining freedom of movement. The collar is lined to help reduce chafing and make the wetsuit more comfortable.  The flexibility of the S7, with it's 2mm 39 cell neoprene, SCS coating and mutli stretch fabric in the shoulders maintain mobility without restricting your stroke. The Orca S7 features an SCS coating to reduce friction in the water and increase speed. It's micro-cell structure repels water creating less drag. To top it all off there's mutli stretch smooth skin 3mm 38cell and 39 cell neoprene in the lower legs to make getting it off even easier then before - all important for that first transition.



The addition of multi stretch neoprene in key areas, less panels on the legs and arms, both functionality and comfort of the suit has been increased from it's S6 predecessor.


The S7 corrects your positioning, elevating you as much as possible. The 5mm thick neoprene, used in the hips and legs, helps keep your lower body on the surface at all times. The 3mm thick panel, located in the chest, prevents your body from swaying due to improper breathing technique.

Great flexibility

The 2mm Yamamoto panels, with 39 cell SCS lining on the forearms, shoulders and arms, combined with a flexibility liner, maintain mobility and improve flexibility.

Yamamoto neoprene

Performance-level durable Yamamoto neoprene provides excellent buoyancy, flexibility and thermal protection.

SCS Coating

SCS coating minimises friction through the water to increase speed. The micro cell structure repels water creating less drag.

Speed transition calf panels

Guaranteed easy removal of the wetsuit and faster transition times.

If you're not sure if this is the wetsuit for you, have a look at the handy guide from Orca.

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