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Post Surf Recovery

With consistent swells at this time of the year, to surf strong all season long you need to know the best ways to recover.

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Choosing Fins for Your Surfboard

These tips explain the new tool free FCS fin systems 'FCS II' and how to find the right size fin for your board.

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All About Bodyboards

In this staff tip, we explain why all bodyboards are not created equal, and what are the important things to look for in your next bodyboard.

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What Is Surf Wax For?

We explain what surf wax is used for and which is the best kind for you.

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Choosing the Perfect Surfboard

We've paired many surfers with their perfect surfboard over the years, and along the way we've refined this cheat sheet.

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Wetsuits: The ‘Inside Skinny’

Jelly Fish Surf Shop has compiled this Wetsuit FAQ to help you choose the best fit, thickness and style for your needs.

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Which Orca wetsuit should I get?

Orca have created a handy reference guide to help you chose the right wetsuit.

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Glossary of Surfing Terms

We have compiled this glossary of surfing terms so you can know what other experienced surfers are sharing with you.

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Surfing in Ireland

Our staff has assembled this amazing guide to surfing in Ireland. A bird’s eye view to having the best surfing experiences. You should check it out.

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