It’s the time of year when the swells get a little more consistent and you might find yourself surfing for quite a few hours at a time, that’s if you are lucky enough to get the daylight hours to do it! Usually the classic winter conditions here allow for several consecutive days to surf. It is vital in order to maximise your time in the water to know the best ways to recover after a tough surf session so that you can get out there the next day and be all over it again!

downward facing elephantSTRETCH OUT

All that activity will have tightened your muscles. Concentrate on stretches to loosen up the back, shoulders and hips these are the areas that will be most affected from paddling, surfing and sitting on the board. The legs also might need some attention.


Get some food back into your system Fresh fruits are great and convenient, their carbohydrate help to replenish glycogen lost from your muscles. They are loaded with antioxidant and other vital nutrients that help your body rehydrate and rebuild after a strenuous surf session.


As soon as you finish surfing drink plenty of fresh water. Other types of drinks can help rehydrate you but fresh water is the best. You will be dehydrated after being in the water for a few hours so it is crucial to aid effective recovery to get fluids back into your body.

These simple recovery guidelines will help you surf harder and stronger for longer.

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